School Facts


Balanced Day

For 2013-14, the daily schedule for students in grades 1-8 is as follows. Supervision begins on the yard at 8:55. Students should not be in the yard unattended before 8:55.

9:10 -10:00    Period 1
10:00-10:50    Period 2
10:50-11:30     First Nutrition Break (eat for 20 mins and go outside for 20 mins)
11:30 – 12:20    Period 3
12:20-1:10     Period 4
1:10-2:00    Second Nutrition Break (eat for 20 mins and go outside for 30 mins)
2:00-2:50    Period 5
2:50-3:40    Period 6


School Access

All parents visiting the school are asked to enter at the front doors (on Broadview Ave) and sign in at the office.  You will be given a name tag to wear while visiting.

As a general rule, all doors are locked between the hours of 8:15am and 4:15pm.  The front doors are also locked, but parents can be buzzed in from the office.

Parents accessing before and after school care can use the Denbury Ave door.

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