Sep 172017

Broadview School Council is a group of volunteers who work to complement and enrich the educational experience of Broadview students. Every parent/guardian is a voting member of council. You simply have to be present at the meeting in order to vote. Volunteering and attending council meetings are great ways to be informed and to shape the direction of the school for our kids.

Our Annual General Meeting is Tuesday, September 19th and we will be holding elections and establishing committees at this time. If you are interested, or if you would like to nominate someone, please fill out this form and attend the meeting. Filling out the form doesn’t lock you or your nominee in, it is just a way to determine interest levels in positions and the official elections will happen on Tuesday.

We want you!! There are many ways to participate – join the council, join a committee, volunteer here and there, attend the meetings … the options are limitless!

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