Dec 132017

The minutes from the April 2017 meeting of the Broadview School Council are now available. These minutes are draft when posted, to be approved by council at the next meeting.

School Council Meeting, December 12th, 2017

Welcome by Chair: Carrie C. 

Dennis Pare Principal Update 

School is buzzing! Principals from Korea and Spain visited. It was lovely. 

Yard- In great shape.

Play Structure- Please don’t use during the winter months.

4pm- Families please leave the yard so that EDP may use our school space after 4pm.

Online payments- Ready to go and coming soon! 

School Partnership Exchange– Canada Experiences – Whitehorse exchange with  Broadview. Low cost, high experience. A step towards reconciliation. Possibly offered to  Grade 7 and 8. Also a possible exchange with Korea. 

Staff Changes- Cheryl King is going on an exchange and will be replaced by an  Australian teacher.

Chair’s Update – Everything is chugging along and going well. 

Zone Meeting Update– Ariel from Community Engagement Committee. The meeting she attended had a focus on the discrepancy between the fundraising potential of schools within the board. Examples were provided of various types of partnerships. For example, Elmdale donates 10% of fundraising funds towards an Elmdale Cares fund. Students are involved in all steps including deciding how to allocate funds. 

Treasurer Update- Lucas is absent.

Committee Updates

Healthy Active Living- evaluating lists of requests including requests from the Kindergarten yard.

Arts Committee- Exploring workshop options.

Math and Science Committee- Possible trip to new Science and Tech museum instead of Scientist in the Schools. Robotics is going well. Speaker is booked: Mary Ann small. 

Fundraising Committee- is amazing. 

Community Engagement Committee- Snowsuit fund was great. Holiday Hamper collections for York St. P.S. Mr. Moore’s intermediate students and Best team have been hands on during this initiative. We are also providing holiday hampers for families in need from our Broadview community.

Green Committee- have identified key locations for outside classrooms, picnic tables, nature playscape, and edible gardens. $50,000 gazebo, outdoor natural classroom (rocks and logs) for $20,000. Budget allocated is currently $24,000. 

Next Steps and Open Floor 

Grant Committee- possible new committee to explore all potential grants. 

Helen the Volunteer Coordinator– We need volunteers for the Flu Vaccine and Snowball Dance.

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